5 Great Reasons to Use Cloth Diaper Liners

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5 Great Reasons to Use Cloth Diaper Liners

Many parents begin the cloth diapering process with a great deal of trepidation. It sounds like a great idea. You'll save money, make a positive impact on the environment, and keep harsh chemicals away from your baby's sensitive skin. Adding cloth diaper liners to your cloth diapering kit will make your entire cloth diapering experience easier.


1. Liners make dealing with poop easy. If you think poop is the worst part of cloth diapering, you're not alone! Diaper liners, however, make dealing with poop easier than ever before. Instead of performing the traditional "dunk and swish" in the toilet or using a diaper sprayer to clean your diapers, you can just remove the liner from the diaper. No scrubbing required!


2. Liners help prevent your diapers from staining. While there's no guarantee that you won't end up with poop around the edges of the diaper liner, you'll end up with much less than you would if you simply allowed your baby to poop directly in the diaper. This means a lot less time sunning or trying different laundry solutions to avoid staining. If you go for more than two days between laundry days, liners can be even more beneficial in the fight against staining.


3. Liners help improve your resale value. One of the biggest perks of cloth diapering is that when you're done, you can sell your used diapers to another family, putting money back in your pockets. You can't say that about disposables! If you're planning to sell your cloth diapers, liners will significantly improve their resale value. Since they prevent staining, they'll make your diapers more appealing to many potential buyers.


4. Provide another layer of protection for your baby. Many babies have sensitive skin or are prone to rashes simply because their skin has been up against wet material overnight. Cloth diaper liners provide an extra layer of protection, keeping your baby clean and dry all night long. As an added bonus, because diaper liners can decrease feelings of wetness, they can help your baby sleep more soundly and increase the odds of longer stretches through the night. Because they keep wetness away from baby's skin, cloth diaper liners can also decrease rashes and other problems.


5. Make diaper changes easier when you're on the go. Is changing a poopy diaper in a public restroom one of your worst nightmares? If so, diaper liners are here to rescue you. Instead of trying to figure out how to dunk and swish a diaper in a public toilet, not to mention transporting the sopping wet diaper, you can simply remove the liner and flush. Any residual poop can be dealt with when you get home.



The advantages to cloth diaper liners are obvious. If you're on the fence about adding this great item to your cloth diapering routine, try a roll! You might be surprised by just how much easier they make the cloth diapering process.


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