Cloth Diapers Canada

The Best Cloth Diapers in Canada

Finding cheap cloth diapers in Canada can be a challenge! It seems like you're always being told that you have to pay more, or that exclusives are only available in the United States, or that it's going to take you twice as long to get your diapers. No longer! TeddyClub cloth diapers are the best cloth diapers Canada has to offer.

Don't Pay More for Expensive Name Brands

You've heard that every baby is different and that you never know what cloth diaper will work for your baby. While this is true, the reality is, most one size diapers will work for most babies once their thighs chunk up enough for the elastics to hold! If you need to find cheap cloth diapers Canada can make that happen for you with TeddyCub cloth diapers. They work just like the more expensive brands, but you won't have to take out a loan just to make your starter stash possible.

These simple pocket diapers are one of the easiest styles of diapers for caregivers. Simply customize the absorbency by changing the insert that goes in the "pocket" that gives the pocket diaper its name, adding more for heavy wetting little ones and decreasing the absorbency to provide a trimmer fit for smaller babies. Once you've learned how to properly put on a cloth diaper (hint: it fits in the crease of the leg like underwear, rather than resting on the outside like most disposable diapers), you can make inexpensive work just as well for you as the pricey brands--or maybe even better!

Choose a Variety of Colors and Patterns

One of the best things about cloth diapers Canada is the variety of colors and prints offered for your baby's use. Changing diapers can be one of the most disgusting parts of your day, but with cloth diapers, you'll look forward to each diaper change. Select solids that match under a dress or outfit, pick your favorite prints, or simply enjoy the fact that every diaper change brings a fresh bright color: it's up to you.

Many people choose to cloth diaper their babies for financial reasons. While the benefit to the environment and to baby is great, the real draw is being able to afford diapers without sacrificing other vital parts of the budget. Cloth diapers Canada at TeddyCub diapers allow you to purchase cloth diapers inexpensively, diapering your baby and saving money all at the same time.