Camo-Tastic Training Pants

Camo-Tastic Training Pants
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1, 2, 3 MARCH!! Your little soldier will hop to attention in this awesome pair of “Camo­tastic” TeddyCub cloth training pants! In the past camouflage clothes were reserved for folks trying to blend in and not be seen such as on battlefields, hiding in duck blinds, or for hipster irony, but not anymore now camo’s being spotted everywhere. Camo is the hot, hot, hot hip trend sweeping the fashion scene these days; want your little one to stand out in the crowd? Try camouflage, it’s impossible not to notice it. In these “Camo­tastic” TeddyCub cloth training pants your toddler will be so fashion forward he won’t just be hopping to it he’ll be getting all the attention! All the other babies will be green and blue with envy!!

Training Pants Features
Outer LayerPolyester with TPU laminated fabric; breathable and waterproof
Inner LiningBamboo; ultra-absorbent
Middle Fabric2-layer Microfiber fabric
Pants SizeThe training pants measure 8.5” high and have a waistline of 16-23”. The training pants can be adjusted according to the child’s weight. The 3 rows of snaps for adjustability are designed to fit children from 18 months to 3 years old.
DescriptionTeddyCub training pants are designed to look like big kids' underwear! The durability of these training pants design can’t be beat. Zap away various stains with ease since these training pants are also machine washable and dryable.
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